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Minnesota was hit with hail and wind storms that may have compromised your property’s roof.

Our free tool can instantly tell you:

  • Exact dates your home was impacted by a weather event
  • The type of extreme weather event your roof endured
  • The severity of the storm 
  • Your roof’s health grade
Don’t be fooled by a roof that isn’t leaking. Oftentimes roof damage can only be seen from above. Our tool will show your home's history of extreme wind, hail, and rain events to tell you the likelihood that your roof needs to inspected for weather-related repairs. If your roof needs repair or replacement, we'll work with your insurance company through the adjustment, approval, installation, and payment process.

Is Your Roof at Risk?

If your roof is at high risk of being compromised because of age or weather, the roofing experts at Turco Construction will take care of it for you! We've been inspecting and repairing roofs in the Minnesota area since 1973 and have working with hundreds of your neighbors on their roofing and siding projects.

Free Inspections

We’ll conduct a complimentary inspection to determine the extent of damage and consult you on whether a repair of full replacement is needed.

Virtual Appointments Available 

During this COVID-19 crisis, we've implementing safety precautions that will allow us to complete the services we promised, while keeping everyone safe. We are offering no contact to discuss your roofing needs without coming to your home. 

Insurance Specialists

If you need roof work done, our team of insurance specialists will work directly with your insurance company through the adjustment, approval, installation, and payment process. File through Turco Construction and we'll help you get the most from your claim.

Get an Instant Report on the Condition of Your Roof

Use our free tool to know exact dates and severity of storms that may have impacted your roof.

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